REBOUND 2020: Free Cybersecurity Conference

SKOUT believes it’s time to REBOUND. This  free cybersecurity conference, targeted at managed service providers (MSPs) and other cybersecurity end-users, will deliver amazing content on how to grow your business, maintain security and build resiliency for the long term. Registration for this cybersecurity conference is FREE.

About SKOUT:

SKOUT Cybersecurity is redefining the way Managed Service Providers (MSPs) deliver security to their customers. SKOUT makes cyber-as-a-service easy for MSPs by offering one dashboard, one number to call, and one turnkey partner. SKOUT is trusted by MSPs all over the world to lower the cost and complexity of delivering managed security services. SKOUT believes that all businesses should have access to protection from cybercrime, regardless of size.  (Disclaimer: I am an investor).

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