Watch Matt Higgins as a Guest Shark on Shark Tank Season 10, “A Decade of Dreams.”

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"It’s not about where you began; it’s where you end up and how much distance you covered." - MH





Five years ago, @BenLeventhal, @MichaelCMontero and @GaryVee launched a mission to tackle the lack of technological innovation in the restaurant space by developing a new reservation platform. Their idea to improve the experience for diners and restaurants turned into @Resy, #RSEVentures’ first incubation in partnership with Gary. --
Today, @Resy announced that it will be acquired by @AmericanExpress. Always a proud moment as an investor to see traction. Over the years, Resy grew from the industry challenger into a force to be reckoned with. Serving 4,000 restaurants and attracting partners like @Airbnb and @Instagram.
We are incredibly proud that one of the greatest companies in the world will now take @Resy to the next level. Thank you to the entire team who made this happen! #resy #americanexpress #investor
Got to sit down with my inspirational friend and force of nature @JustBobbiBrown to talk shop on #LongStoryShort. Dug into my early days as a teenage crusading reporter for the Queens Tribune Action Desk; the still-unpublished children’s book I wrote with my mother, ‘Benny and the 🐝 Tree;’ and my advice for people looking to jump ahead in their careers.
More on the topic above in the podcast. Give Long Story Short a listen on iTunes and let me know what you think! #bobbibrown #podcast #tuesdaymotivation #quotes
Season 10 of @sharktankabc, the Decade of Dreams, wraps up tonight. What an incredible honor to be part of this distinctly American institution. To me, Shark Tank celebrates the idea that anyone with a great concept and the grit to pursue it should have an opportunity to go for it. My biggest takeaway since appearing: The entrepreneurial bug is infectious, and almost everyone is harboring some nascent dream to build a business, birth an invention, open a store. It
I woke up this morning reflecting on last night and thinking about my mother. Much of her life was spent trying to fill a void left in her from a rough childhood, and going to @queenscollegeofficial as a single mother raising four boys restored her dignity. Cleaning houses in the day for homebound elderly clients and taking 20 credits on nights and weekends or whenever she could. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. She died before she could reap any material reward for being a perpetual student, but she left behind something more important: her example. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who make the impossible seem effortless and who are setting an incredible example for the rest of us. #mothersday