Watch Matt Higgins as a Guest Shark on Shark Tank Season 10, “A Decade of Dreams.”

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"It’s not about where you began; it’s where you end up and how much distance you covered." - MH





Humanity has wiped out 60 percent of animal populations since 1970 (on average @wwf). I’ll let that sink in. One grand sweeping gesture isn’t going to reverse the trend. We beat back the tide through the cumulative impact of countless individual decisions — like going meatless on Monday. Consider: Skipping one hamburger every Monday, or one serving of meat, has the same effect as keeping your car off the road for 350 miles. And your heart and your planet will thank you. #EarthDay #EarthDay2019 #earthday🌎 #meatlessmonday #monday #WinForEarth
Love backing companies that care about saving the 🌏. #Repost @BluestoneLane: $1 beverages when you choose to reuse this Earth Day, April 22💙☕️ One of the best ways we can help reduce the amount of waste is to change how we consume coffee.

This Earth Day, we
Two men from Queens, the product of public schools and single mothers who never stopped believing in our potential. Climbed our way out of poverty with an entrepreneurial drive, from our earliest jobs of selling things on street corners to working at restaurant chains (@RedLobster for @thesharkdaymond, @McDonalds for myself).
It was an honor to introduce Daymond at last night’s @NationalDanceInstitute Gala, where he was recognized for the work he does to help lift kids out of poverty. Special thank you to @BarbaraFedida for introducing us both to this wonderful organization. The world needs more people like you! #NDIGala #ndigala2019 #dance #nationaldanceinstitute #daymondjohn
Entrepreneurs like to believe they have infinite capacity to take on new product extensions, new verticals, new partnerships. That’s true - if you’re happy with mediocre execution. @Garyvee asked me this question: How much can you take on? My goal, at least in theory, is don’t take on anything new you can’t execute well.

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